240V/12V Conversion

Here at Signature Motorhomes, we can convert RV to UK Specification with all work being carried out in-house and usually taking 4-5 days to complete. The conversion involves modifying two major areas – Road Lighting and House Electrical.

Road Lighting

In order to make American vehicles road legal in the UK there are several modifications to the exterior lights that may have to be done.

  • American vehicles normally have rear indicators combined with the brake lights. When you indicate they flash red and if you brake at the same time they get brighter. This is modified to provide an amber indicator.
  • The front side lights and indicators may also need modification.
  • Additional side-marker indicator lights may need to be added at the front of the vehicle.
  • The headlight beam may need adjusting.
  • A rear fog light must be added.

House Electrical

Appliances in an American Motorhome operate from either 12v (Lighting) or 110v (Roof A/C, Microwave, TVs ..etc) and are manufactured with a 110v hookup. The 12v appliances operate from either the coach battery or a power converter. The 110v appliances operate from either an external hookup, internal generator or sometimes an internal inverter. The following modifications are performed.

  • The 110v hookup isreplaced with a 230v hookup.
  • All 110v outlets are replaced with UK-style outlets.
  • The 110v generator is adapted so as to generate 230v at all outlets.

The electrical work is carried out to meet the IEE BS7671:2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations and an independent NICEIC inspector issues a “Lesiure Accomodation Vehicle Inspection Report”.

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