AEB Autogas

Why AEB?

AEB products are completely designed and manufactured in Italy and represent the excellence in the electronics for conversion systems field. AEB innovative technological solutions originate from a constant Research and Development activity though groundbreaking equipment

We grant our quality through several compliance and validation tests based on the highest international automotive standards. For this reason AEB quality stands for total reliability in time.


Fuel Switch

The fuel switch used by the AEB system controls the following functions:

  • Fuel choice.
  • Monitoring the fuel level.
  • Reporting errors.

The fuel switch is operated by a touch key to switch from petrol to LPG and vice-versa. The fuel switch is also equipped with LED indicators to monitor the level of the fuel in the tank. When the LPG level is too low the reserve LED lights up. When there is an automatic switch-over to petrol because the LPG tank is empty, the driver is being warned by a buzzer signal and a flashing LED indicator.



This device is filtering the fuel to prevent damage to the injectors. The filter unit is also equipped with a pressure/temperature sensor for the fuel.

  • Filter operates with a 0-4 bar pressure sensor.
  • PA6 Glassfiber “re-inforced” nylon.
  • Replacement recommended every 25000 miles.
  • Single and double outlet version.


Conversions by Signature RV

We offer full conversion facilities at our premises for customers who prefer their installation to be carried out by our specialist team.

We provide:

  • Bespoke Installations with AEB
  • Secure Workshop Facilities
  • Direct Customer References
  • Vehicle Collection & Drop off Facility
  • Repairs, Service & Support for all AEB Customers
  • The facilities and services we provide ensure customers experience the real benefits LPG can provide by using the AEB system


Price List (ex VAT)

10 Cylinder – £3,690

(V6 & V8 Kits also Available Please Contact us for a Quote)


Conversion Price Includes:

  • Full Conversion with AEB & 4 Hole Tanks
  • Colour Coded Filler
  • Certification
  • 2 Year Warranty


Prices Can Vary due to :

  • Vehicle Complexity
  • Tank Cut Down £335.00 + VAT (Inc Labour)
  • Extra LPG Tank £600.00 + VAT
  • LockerTrimming
  • Valve Care Products
  • Second Filler £95.00 + VAT


Conversion Time

  • 5 Days on average
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