Signature RV are the only company in the UK to offer a modern, one-man, VOSA approved ATL MOT Bay, capable of Testing anything from a Car to a 39ft american motorhome! Offering 25yrs in the industry, you can have peace of mind at Signature Motorhomes.


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We are going through the last stages of becoming a POTF (Privately Owned Test Facility) capable of undertaking the IVA programme at our premises. In doing so, we will become the first and only American Motorhome distributor and service centre to become a POTF.

We can complete Import to Registration service undertaking every single aspect of import conversion and registration to the end user. No other Motorhome company can offer anywhere near our level of service and knowledge.

IVA stands for Individual Vehicle Approval and relates to Type Approval of vehicles in the UK. Type approval is the process, which ensures that vehicles, their systems and components, meet the appropriate environmental and safety standards for use in the UK and Europe.For your vehicle to be registered into the UK it must show that it has some form of Type Approval. In the case of new right hand drive vehicles supplied at your local retailer they will be supplied by the manufacturer with a mass scale Type Approval called a certificate of conformity.

For the rest of us who have a Left hand drive American Motorhomes, we can use the IVA test to gain the type approval we must have to register the RV.



The Vehicle undertakes an IVA test and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) at a VOSA testing station or a VOSA approved designated premises like our own. The VOSA staff visit our site throughout the week and carry out inspections on our clients vehicles accompanied by one of our IVA technicians. Having an experienced technician presenting your vehicle for test is a massive advantage over presenting the vehicle for test yourself because you are often required to show certain components of the vehicle to an examiner that may be behind trim panels or in hard to reach areas of the engine bay. Once satisfied they issue IVA pass certificates that we use to register your vehicle with the DVLA.

Your vehicle will always need some level of modification to achieve UK type approval and our technicians have the experience to prepare your vehicle to IVA standard so when it is inspected we have the confidence it will pass every time.

We will handle all the paperwork involved with your application electronically with our contacts at VOSA so you won’t waste any time posting paperwork back and forth until it is correct.

IVA for a motorhome is no easy task as all Motorhomes are different, some will need extensive work to conform please bear this in mind when purchasing your new or used American Motorhome.


Costs involved

  • VOSA Test Fee £199.00
  • Pit Charge Fee £300.00 + VAT (4hrs)
  • IVA Labour rate £110,00 Per Hour + VAT

The Conversion work is unknown with some motorhomes. Some RV’s will need more work than others. A list below will give some ideas of the problem areas which will be encountered:

  1. Road lighting
  2. Seat belts
  3. Seat belt anchorages
  4. Tow bars
  5. Exterior projections
  6. Sharp edges
  7. Overall length
  8. Overall width
  9. Masses dimensions
  10. Brake efficiency
  11. Front seats head restraint
  12. This is just a few areas of concern

Please view the IVA Manual for in-depth detail

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