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Signature RV Review OF The All New 2023 F53 Chassis

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Signature RV Review On The All New 2023 F53 Chassis.

The new Ford F53 chassis is a huge improvement compared to the previous model chassis.  After personally driving a THOR ACE 32.3 bunkhouse on the new chassis and old you can tell the difference, the old chassis is by no means a bad chassis it just felt a little loose in windy conditions and at higher speeds, whilst this all new 2023 chassis feels tight and precise, you can sit happily at 65-70mph with out worrying. The reason this is better is due to the new handling pack installed at the factory this includes, new sway bars, new shock absorbers and thicker torsion bars. What also helps this motorhome handle is the engine, the new V8 is smaller in size which means its sits lower in the chassis giving better weight distribution. The steering in the new motorhome  feels more smoother when turning corners. They have also made changes to the steering wheel, this feels more modern more useable and doesn’t look out of place whilst on the older chassis the steering wheel did not change for 10 years + was due a upgrade. With The New instrument cluster  you get all new gauges with coolant temperature, oil temperature, fuel and oil temperature, you also get a MPG gauge and serval other driving assists.

THOR buy there chassis straight from FORD, these chassis  have been designed for the measurements of the motorhome, other manufactures buy standard F53 chassis and extend them for each floor plan. MORryde the chassis experts  take the F53 chassis and design the weight distribution perfectly for each floor plan  you wont find a better built chassis in the business. The THOR ACE is the number 1 selling motorhome in its class.

Nathan, Signature Motorhomes LTD


Signature RV Review On The All New Ford V8 Engine

What is not to dislike about a American Engine they are  powerful and reliable, and nothing is different about this all NEW Ford Godzilla 7.3L V8 engine, its all brand new for 2020, this engine has been going through the development stages for years and you can tell its so smooth. The older triton V10 is an amazing engine, plenty or power and torque and uber reliable nothing wrong with it, its nearly 20 years old now and emissions rules are becoming quite strict. This is were the NEW V8 has taken over, cleaner to run, more MPG, better on economy, more power more torque and quieter. After driving a NEW THOR ACE 32.3 bunk with this engine you can tell immediately its more responsive, doesn’t rev as high as it use to. Overall its a new engine what has changed the motorhome industry for ever.

Nathan Signature Motorhomes LTD
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